While lobbying efforts need to continue on the threat to the school employee pension system, the latest GOP scheme to drain money from public education is taking shape in Lansing and may take up the remaining days of lame duck.

Post date: 3 days 17 hours
Beginning in the first pay period of 2017, some school employees may have more money deducted from their paychecks for retirement savings unless they opt out during a small December window.

Post date: 4 days 21 hours
A change in state law now requires that school employees who suspect abuse or neglect of a child must personally report their suspicions directly to state authorities. 

Post date: 4 days 22 hours
In Michigan teen death rates from accidents and disease dropped in recent years, while they rose for suicide. Schools can do something about that.

Post date: 4 days 22 hours
MEA members in good standing can submit artwork for an annual art exhibition and sale that results in some pieces being purchased for display at MEA headquarters or regional offices.

Post date: 4 days 22 hours