EAST LANSING — The Michigan Education Association is praising the Senate’s decision to table costly legislation that would have forced all new school employees into a defined contribution, 401(k)-style retirement plan.

Post date: 4 days 19 hours

UPDATE (11/30): Senate Fiscal Analysis of SB 102 shows significant costs for school districts

The Senate Fiscal Agency today testified in the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing that a proposal to dismantle the school employee retirement system would cost the state $1.6B to $3.8B over five years, as reported by the Detroit Free Press today.

Post date: 5 days 17 hours

While lobbying efforts need to continue on the threat to the school employee pension system, the latest GOP scheme to drain money from public education is taking shape in Lansing and may take up the remaining days of lame duck.

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Beginning in the first pay period of 2017, some school employees may have more money deducted from their paychecks for retirement savings unless they opt out during a small December window.

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A change in state law now requires that school employees who suspect abuse or neglect of a child must personally report their suspicions directly to state authorities. 

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