EAST LANSING, September 23, 2016 — MEA President Steven Cook lauded the introduction of three bills this week in the state House designed to reduce financial pressure on Michigan school employees.

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A long-debated third grade reading bill emerged from conference committee late Tuesday evening with a magnified focus on retention of children who fail to meet grade-level proficiency targets. The House and Senate rushed a vote on the new version of the bill, which MEA opposed in its final form.

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September 21, 2016
By STEVEN COOK/President – Michigan Education Association

“I feel bad for the younger teachers. They will probably never experience the true joy of teaching because policymakers have made education all about scores and data.”

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Survey of 11,000 school employees reveals widespread disappointment, demoralization and discontent

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MEA is working with partners to push back against state threats to close schools based on test scores that districts were promised would not be used to rank, label, or penalize schools until three years of consistent data was available. 

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