Lately, when MEA issues a Call to Action asking members to contact their legislators – as we did twice in the past week involving bills to punish teachers for whistleblowing and to remove calendar from allowable bargaining topics – we commonly hear the refrain, “Why bother?” 

Post date: 23 hours 54 min
MEA members should not only call their legislators but encourage friends and family to voice opposition to the loss of local control in educational decision-making represented by House Bill 5194, which passed the Education Committee this week.

Post date: 1 day 4 min
Gov. Rick Snyder offered a budget proposal this week that includes more K-12 per-pupil funding, plus increases for higher education, community colleges and intermediate school districts. However, this is only the first step in the budget process, with legislative debate to continue throughout the spring before final school funding levels are adopted for next year.

Post date: 1 day 8 min