In his work as a school bus driver for Benzie County Central Schools, Marc Rosseels drives 134 miles per day across four counties, over two-lane highways and down dead-end dirt roads – sometimes in challenging northwest Michigan weather conditions. 

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As educators, we work to move America forward by fighting to ensure every child has equal access to high-quality public education. Hillary Clinton has dedicated her life to that same mission.

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The DeVos family has announced they’re coming after your pension.
Hence the battle has begun to try to shape public perceptions on the issue, and MEA members and retirees will need to get up to speed to help combat misleading claims by our opponents and sway lawmaker votes on legislation. 

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MEA will be conducting a random drawing to give away 10 iPads to members who verify or update their contact information before the new, extended deadline of October 21.

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More than 425 MEA members and their families turned out to a community-building event Monday evening in Hudsonville that featured hay rides, a playground, walks through a corn maze and more – sponsored by the Hudsonville Education Association. 
The HEA Fun Day at a locally owned farm business was meant to bring union members together in a fun atmosphere to build a sense of togetherness, said Shelly Stokes, HEA president. 
"We really enjoyed this event!” Stokes said. “We wanted to build community in our membership and we definitely met that goal."
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