MEA members can save thousands through exclusive discounts

Think of the items and services a household regularly purchases — groceries, clothing, meals, oil changes, entertainment. It all adds up over time.

Thankfully, MEA members have access to numerous member-only discounts that can save thousands of dollars each year on the items they buy most.

By logging on to the Members Only section of, members can peruse a wide array of deep discounts on dining, eye care, home supplies, vacations, health products, golf and much more. MEA members can also download the “My Deals” mobile app on their smartphones to find discounts in their neighborhoods.

While dues-paying MEA members enjoy numerous advantages for their careers, for their rights and for public education, the member-only discounts alone can easily offset the cost of dues.

Take, for example, a typical MEA member who pays in the neighborhood of $800 a year in dues to support the collective bargaining, representation and advocacy efforts of their professional association. By just occasionally taking advantage of member-only discounts, that member can turn that $800 investment into $1,600 in discounts:

By just using their member-only discounts just a few times a month — by no means “extreme couponing” — MEA members can offset the cost of dues and save additional money on products and services they use every day.

To learn more and start taking advantage of member-only discounts today, visit the Members Only section of