Protecting You and Your Rights

Educators Employment Liability Insurance

What if an event involving you causes property damage or bodily injury while you are at work, either on school grounds or at a school function? Personal liability insurance will not pick up that risk - you need professional liability insurance for this purpose.

The NEA for years has recognized the importance of having such protection - so much so, that the Educators Employment Liability (EEL) insurance contract is just one of many benefits of membership provided at no additional cost to the member. This policy protects you in most instances if a student or a student`s parents sue you. It also reimburses you if your personal property is damaged in assault-related incidents.

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NEA Complimentary Life Insurance

Did you know you get $1,000 in complimentary term life insurance, just for being an member of MEA and NEA? 

You’re automatically covered by being an eligible member. But please take a moment to register a beneficiary of your choice by enrolling now.

The NEA Complimentary Life Insurance program is a service of NEA Member Benefits and the NEA Members Insurance Trust.  Learn more at