Saginaw Township school employees lend aid to Buena Vista teachers

Saginaw Township school employees raised about $1,200 to help teachers in the Buena Vista School District, who haven’t been paid since May 10.

Each Buena Vista teacher received a white envelope on Friday with a $45 gift card to Meijer, courtesy of members of the Saginaw Township Education Association, who paid for the gift cards out of their own pockets.

The Buena Vista School District did not pay its teachers Friday — a pay day — despite the state of Michigan’s sending over $400,000 to the struggling district to keep it open for the remainder of the school year.

“We just felt like we wanted to help the teachers at Buena Vista, and we were heartbroken to hear they might not be getting all of the pay they earned,” said Peter Tyson, president of the Saginaw Township EA. “We knew this was not the fault of the teachers or the students, but yet they were the ones who were paying the price for the financial mismanagement of Buena Vista schools. We also did not think that Lansing would do anything to help the teachers and students, so we wanted to show them that people in the area did care about what was going on in Buena Vista.”

Buena Vista EA President Joe Ann Nash told the Saginaw News the donations were “amazing,” and offered a thank you to her colleagues in Saginaw Township.

“We appreciate this from the bottom of our hearts,” she said.