101st House District Allan O’Shea

Type of Recommendation:  Regular


Allan O’Shea                                                  

Cell phone:      231 510-1817

Web site:  www.osheaformichigan101.com

Email:  Windowman50@hotmail.com

I have gone on record throughout my campaign as a candidate who considers raising the foundation grant for 2012 funding instead of operating at 2005 levels as we have been over the course of the last seven years.

We took money from schools and gave tax cuts to corporations.  We must give our kids the kind of world class education they deserve.  Northwest Michigan is somewhat unique in the fact that almost all our schools are at the bottom of the foundation grant scale.  They are at risk!!

We must stop dismantling the public education system, demeaning our teachers and start creating an environment for learning.  I am the candidate to send that message to the House of Representatives.