15th House District George T. Darany


Type of Recommendation:  Continuing

George Darany                                  

Cell phone:  313 980-7700

Web site:  www.georgedarany.com

Email:  imdearborn@sbcglobal.net

As a member of the House Education Committee, I support giving students, parents, teachers, and school administrators the flexibility to tailor an educational curriculum based on what works best for them.  I believe student growth can be improved by reducing class sizes and tailoring resources to needs.  The responsibilities and expectations of our schools and teachers are increasing and categorical funding should be focused on these needs.  With the changing and diverse populations we are now educating, a more focused effort should be directed toward those students that are most challenged.  It is only prudent to focus our resources at the front end of life rather than spending valuable resources on prisons.   In addition, I see educational foundations playing a larger role in assisting our schools and feel we should incentivize their contributions.  The recent passage of PA 129 which expands the number of cyber schools in our state is legislation that will not increase educational quality.  While I support on-line learning, I feel it should be done with a blended approach and not by increasing the ability of for-profit schools that take resources away from public schools.