31st House District Marilyn Lane

Recommended 5-7-12 Continuing Recommendation

Marilyn Lane   Democrat                                           

Cell Phone 586 484-1636

Email:  frasermayorlane@comcast.net           

As a parent, lifelong Macomb County resident, and a State Representative, I know the importance that public education has in our future.  Public education has played a pivotal role in the life of my daughter Pamela, now a teacher at the MISD.  I am disgusted by the relentless attacks that our teachers face every day by the Republican majority in Lansing.  These so-called “reforms” have little to do with increasing the quality of education or encouraging the best and brightest to go into education.  Funding our public education system is the single greatest investment that we can make in the future prosperity of our state.  Well-funded education investment ensures a strong workforce and safe communities – both necessary to a strong middle class.