32nd House District Sheri Smith


Recommended 5-29-12


Sheri Smith                                                     

Telephone 586 747-9621

“I am the mother of three grown children who haqve graduated from Michigan’s public education system and who went on to be a Fellowship recipient at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, the Sociology Student of the Year at North Florida University, and a Professional Program Service Advisor of Bank of America and a graduate of the Sam Houston University.  Their accomplishments are a direct reflection of the superior public education they received at Croswell-Lexington Community Schools in Sanilac County.  I support public eduation as it provides the same learning opportunities for students who come from struggling families trying to make ends meet and those who come from an affluent background.  Public education provides the opportunity to learn social skills and teamwork in a safe atmosphere and encourages a healthy lifestyle through supplemental nutrition programs.”

Current Rep - Quasi Open, Andrea LaFontaine represented much of the district.