39th House District Pam Jackson


Type of Recommendation:  Regular


Pam Jackson                                                                  

Cell Phone:  248 767-4240

Email:    PamJackson4StateHouse@yahoo.com


We need to increase funding for Pre-K and K-12 so that all students have access to quality education, and maintain affordable higher education.  Class size is imperative for success.  I have taught both in urban and city school districts.  Class size matters!  More attention and time are needed to stress ideas and concepts.  It is difficult when you have 35-45 students who all need extra help.

Public education must be funded prom Pre-K and K-12 through affordable post-secondary training or college.  We must invest in ur people.  School funding was changed with Proposal A and it worked for awhile.  Other alternatives to funding education need to be explored.  Along with this, curriculum must be developed to actuate maximum potential (AMP) our students whether they are college bound or want to learn a skill at a training facility to obtain a job.  I will work hard at creating or sponsoring bills to fund public education and post-secondary education so that we invest in our most precious resource, our people.

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