5 Things to do right now - Tenure

  1. Contact your legislators immediately. Use the talking points and share the facts about tenure. Explain tenure changes that MEA supports – found in Point #2 of our A+ Agenda.
  2. Use this information in your local newsletter, on your Web page, and Facebook. Spread the word NOW – lawmakers are expected to vote soon on this package.
  3. Talk with parents of the students you work with – explain why due process rights help protect teachers who could otherwise be fired for reasons unrelated to their excellence in the classroom.
  4. Talk with a coworker about this issue. Too many educators believe this legislation will affect only “bad teachers.” This legislation is very broad and will directly impact every teacher.
  5. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Urge readers to consider the facts and to support due process rights. Review these letter writing tips before sending yours.