51st S & R recommends Losey

The MEA Screening and Recommending Committee in the 51st District has chosen Steve Losey from Linden as its candidate to replace the recalled Rep. Paul Scott.

Losey is a special education teacher in Redford Union. He is an MEA member and serves as the Redford Union EA President. Losey is also a member of the Linden School Board of Education where he lives and his children attend school.

The Committee chose Losey based on his education experience and his understanding of the value of teachers and education support professionals in the lives of students. He sees public schools as the "cornerstone of America."

He also has concerns about the survival of Michigan's middle class. "I want to bring my middle-class work ethic to Lansing to represent the hard-working men and women of the 51st District and Genesee County. I'm tired of the working man's voice being squelched by the 'out of touch' career politicians in Lansing," Losey said.

Losey will face off against Genesee County Commissioner Joseph Graves of Argentine Township in the Feb. 28 election.