57th House District Jim Berryman


Recommended 3-12-12         Regular Recommendation


Jim Berryman                                                 

Cell phone:  517 902-8330

I agree with the mission statement of the MEA:  The mission of the MEA is to ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our member are of the highest quality.

I also believe in the collective bargaining process.  I have been at the bargaining table almost on a daily basis over the past twelve years, and I know that collective bargaining works for all of us.

Friends of Berryman

P.O. Box 1503

Adrian, Mi 49221    website: www.jimberryman.net

Treasurer's name: Michael Olsaver

Friends of Berryman

P.O. Box 1503 Adrian, Mi 49221

Jim Berryman berryman2012@gmail.com


Democratic base 47.11%  (IMP 46.7%)