60th House District Sean McCann

Type of recommendation:    Continuing


Sean McCann                         

Cell phone:      269 207-6963

Web site:         www.seanamccann.com

Email:              seanamccann@hotmail.com

As a 23-year resident of Kalamazoo, I’ve seen the importance of good solid education and what impact programs like the Kalamazoo Promise can have on communities. In my time in Lansing, I have worked to expand the positive impact of education. The rest of Michigan must embrace educating our future generations with the same dedication as Kalamazoo.

  • Michigan must adequately fund public education, and our K-12 system cannot be cut further by the state.
  • Michigan must invest in our higher education institutions by making college more affordable with merit-based scholarships and improving accessibility through expanding financial aid.
  • Michigan should invest in retraining laid-off and unemployed workers for jobs in the new economy.