65th House District Bonnie Johnson

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Bonnie Johnson                      

Cell phone:      517 945-3619

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Teachers hold our hands in raising and educating our children and our grandchildren.  Public schools are the key to the American dream.  Without a good quality education for ALL our children, the key is lost and the door is locked to good paying jobs, a strong economy, a growing middleclass and a state where business turns to.  Education is our future.  Everything hinges on it, make no mistake.  Parents, grandparents and communities need to be involved with their public schools.  For our children are our future too.  Tax dollars have to be found to fund public education and teachers must be the best we can find and treated with respect as they are our partners in the future.

For those who think they are too good to attend our public schools, let them fund their own, not with our tax dollars.  I do not believe education should be for profit and a special few.  All of our children are special and deserve a quality education.