66th House District Richard (Dick) Rajkovich


Type of Recommendation:  Regular


Richard Rajkovich                            

Cell phone:      269-910-3618

Web site:         www.rajkovichforstatehouse.com

Email:    brackloon@bciwildblue.com       

There is a need to remind people that public education has been the essential that created a great country.  The founding fathers knew that tyranny fears the educated masses.  For growth, strength and national security these men called for the formation of a public educational system.  Our public system has been the cornerstone of our democracy for over 200 years.

Today public education is being dismantled piece by piece through destructive legislative action and significant underfunding.  The reality is a weakened educational system that will create a weakened state.  Given strong funding and sound plan objectives, this can be overcome and Michigan’s educational system will meet the needs of the 21st century.