71st House District Theresa Abed


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Theresa Abed                                                             

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I have spent my career in education as a school social worker working with teachers and students to keep our students on track and successful in the classroom.  Educating our children is one of our most important tasks for our communities and our state.  Our economy depends on an educated population in order to attract businesses to our cities and state.  Public education ensures that every child, no matter what their circumstances, has the opportunity to learn and reach their full potential.  No child should be denied a good education simply because of where they live or their family circumstances.  A good public education system is a necessity for Michigan to grow our economy and attract the jobs of the 21st century.

I have worked in the schools for over 30 years and I am very concerned about the future of public education. There must be adequate, equitable, and sustainable funding for our schools first and foremost. The school aid fund should not be raided and used for unintended purposes. In addition, funding for schools should not have strings attached because those strings only serve to widen disparity between schools and do nothing to ensure a quality, equitable education for all students. There also needs to be recognition that school districts have fixed costs not based on the number of students in the district

Democratic Base 48.98% (IMP 49.5%)