98th House District Joan Brausch


Type of Recommendation:  Regular


Joan Brausch                                                      

Cell phone:   989 600-0258

Web site:         www.brauschforhouse.com

Email:              brauschforhouse@gmail.com

Public education is what has made America who we are.  Children of all kinds are in the same schools, meeting one another, studying together, no matter their race, background, or class.   We need public education in this country.  I am deeply concerned about the future of our kid’s education.  The first thing that has to be done is that the School Aid Fund should be protrected, and cannot be used for other state programs.  Then, we need to restore at least some if the funding that has been cut and take a new look at the way education is funded so that it’s on firm footing.  We need public education and we need publicly funded quality education here! 

We need more vocational education for our teens and young adults.  No longer do corporations or unions do the training.  We need to train our young people in service industries such as culinary arts, building trades, auto repair, machining and more.  Better educated children means that we will have a better trained workforce.

We need teachers in public education who are paid fair wages for their work and who have good working conditions in their classrooms.  As public employees, historically, the way they have been able to attain these things is through collective bargaining.  Our state legislature is doing its best to strip away things from our teachers, but they (and I) draw the line at collective bargaining.  All workers have the right to join together to demand fair wages for their work, safe working conditions, and other benefits – the same benefits given to the legislators who make the laws.