Anti-collective bargaining, anti-tenure bills on Wednesday's agenda

New tenure reform bill introduced

A four-bill package to undo collective bargaining and tenure laws is up in the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday.

House Bills 4625-4628 would add many new subjects to the list of prohibited subjects of collective bargaining and allow districts to fire experienced teachers and other employees for almost any reason. If you don’t yet know how these bills would impact you, check out our Q-and-A.

The state House already approved the bills and MEA members and staff are lobbying hard to convince the Senate to consider real tenure reform that keeps collective bargaining intact. Senate Bill 503 is a new tenure bill that would do exactly that; MEA supports this bill. We need your help -- contact your state senator and tell him/her to consider Senate Bill 503 instead of a package with a not-so-hidden agenda of attacking collective bargaining.

As a reminder, the House Education Committee also meets Wednesday. The committee will take up House Bills 4700, 4752, and 4796 and listen to a presentation by Sandi Jacobs of the National Council on Teacher Quality.