Backgrounder - Collective Action

April 4, 2011 has been designated as a National Day of Action. Labor unions, civil rights organizations and religious leaders across the country will use this day to speak out against the continued attacks on labor and the middle class. This day of collective action gives us the opportunity to stand up for our rights.

April 4 is especially appropriate since it marks the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, TN in 1968. King was in Memphis that day to stand with striking sanitation workers who had been on the picket line for weeks. Their message was “I am a man.”

This event is expected to be the biggest nationwide mobilization of workers in decades. It represents more than a call to action for workers’ rights; it also commemorates the continued struggle for basic human rights and dignity.
There are local community activities all across Michigan. MEA is encouraging local associations to participate in a Call to Action activity on that day.