Be responsible; get informed before Nov. 6

With all of the misleading ads, scare tactics and outright lies flooding our TV stations and mailboxes, it's good to know that there are honest and reliable sources of information about the six ballot proposals voters will be deciding in November.

The Michigan League of Responsible Voters and the Protect Working Families Campaign are dedicated to educating voters with the most updated information on the upcoming election.

On their website,, the Michigan League of Responsible Voters publishes a practical guide to the proposals that you can take with you to the polls. The guide provides background information on each ballot proposal, explains what the proposal does, lists those who support and oppose the proposal and offers the Leagues recommendation. At their website, you can also locate your polling place.

In the fight to protect Michigan's working families from losing their collective bargaining voice for fair wages and benefits, there's no better source of information than the Protect Working Families website, You can find facts, talking points, news and the latest ads supporting Proposal 2 and the benefits it provides all Michigan citizens. You can sign up to receive their E-alerts, find opportunities to volunteer your time, and make a donation. The site provides a great education if you'll be out canvassing for Proposal 2.

Along with MEA's recommendations appearing in the October issue of the Voice and on the Members Only Political Action area at, you can be assured of making wise choices at the ballot box.

The real value of these two resources was best summed up by a poster on the Michigan League of Responsible Voters' site: "Thank you for an excellent tool to assist voters in making wise choices so that we are not like "chickens voting for Colonel Sanders!"