Beware of lying robocalls by Prop 2 opponents

There’s hasn’t been a lie, a dollar or a phone call that the opposition hasn’t used to make sure the voices of working families are silenced on Nov. 6. Within the past week, MEA members have been targeted with robocalls, full of lies and cheap, dirty political tricks meant to confuse you about Proposal 2.

One caller claims to be from an MEA member—more likely someone from Protecting Michigan Taxpayers, the biggest liars and donors against Proposal 2—urging a no vote. This is a bold lie. From the very beginning, MEA leaders, members and staff have been supporting Proposal 2. Our message hasn’t changed in the last days before the election.

The lies continue. A robocall—again from Protecting Michigan Taxpayers—outrageously contends that passage of Proposal 2 would overturn the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Not true—the Second Amendment is not a labor law. Obviously the group is willing to lie and cheat to deny working families their collective bargaining rights.

Yesterday, MEA President Steve Cook issued a final call to all MEA members about these deceitful tactics and warning member not to be fooled by these dirty political scams.

The other side is running scared and is desperately trying every strategy—honest or not—to con voters and defeat Proposal 2. Tell all of your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers the truth about Proposal 2—it will protect the rights and voices of working families to collectively bargain over wages, benefits and conditions of employment. Tell everyone you meet today and tomorrow to vote YES on Proposal 2.