Beware misleading robocalls on Prop 2

We’re getting reports from MEA members that they’re receiving a misleading robocall from an 810 area code phone number. The call features a female claiming to be an MEA member. She complains about dues dollars being spent on political campaigns like Proposal 2 that will allow teachers to strike. She goes on to urge a no vote on Proposal 2.

Not all MEA members are getting the call, but if you do, please be advised:


  • This call is not from MEA. This call is probably from opponents of Proposal 2 who purchased a “teacher” phone list from a paid vendor.
  • MEA dues dollars are not being used to support political candidates for public office. PAC donations from MEA members are used for that purpose. It is legal and proper for dues dollars to be spent on ballot initiatives like Proposal 2 that protect collective bargaining rights and represent who we are as an organization. 
  • It’s essential that MEA members recognize these tactics for what they are—misleading, confusing, deceitful and desperate moves being used by Proposal 2 opponents. They will stop at nothing to defeat our effort to protect collective bargaining rights and the fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions they provide for all working families. This week they even attacked the PTA—the group of parents who advocate for children and public education—for supporting Proposal 2.

MEA strongly supports Proposal 2 and urges all our members to work as hard as possible over the next 7 days to secure YES votes from family, friends, neighbors and the rest of the public on Nov. 6.