Board of Reference


Start Date

Always 5 with 5 yr. terms



John Walton (2015 MEA-Retired)



Ed Fromm (2016-Reg 6)



Steve Manor (2017-MEA-Retired)

Vice Chair


Shirley Knaack (2016-MEA-Retired)



Robert Dalton (2014-Reg 8)


Staff Liaisons

Debra Dawsey



2013-14 Charge:

To help ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.


The judicial powers of the Association are vested in the Board of Reference.


Board of Reference

Section 4.        Appointment. The president of the Association, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, shall appoint by September 1 of each year one (1) judge for a five (5) year term.


VIII.  Board of Reference

C.    Board of Reference rules. The judges of the Board of Reference shall establish rules of procedure, a copy of which shall be filed with the executive director and shall be made available to any member of the Association upon request. The judges of the Board of Reference, acting under such rules of procedures as they adopt, shall elect one (1) of their number to serve as chairperson of the Board of Reference.