Business groups calls POJ 'radical, deceptive'; wants it off the ballot

Protect Our Jobs opponents are beginning to crawl out of the woodwork.

Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution (CPMC) wants Michigan's Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to keep the Protect Our Jobs constitutional amendment off the ballot in November. They contend the campaign's petition didn’t identify the 80 laws that would be repealed by such a move, and therefore, duped petition signers.
In a letter to Johnson, the group calling themselves "job creators," says the "petition undoes a lot of the good work business owners, workers and policymakers across Michigan have achieved in recent months in positioning our entire state for its economic comeback." They want all action on the petition stopped. If that doesn’t happen, they plan on taking their case to court.
Unfortunately, the “good work” has only benefited CEOs and hasn’t done a thing to help Michigan’s workers and the middle class—nearly 700,000 of whom signed the petitions to protect collective bargaining.
The Protect Our Jobs Campaign described the move as more of the same: “Corporate interests will stop at nothing to silence the voices of all Michiganders by limiting their right to negotiate for fair wages and benefits. Now they are attempting to end run the democratic process and prevent Michigan from even voting on the issues. Let Michigan vote.”
(CPMC) is a coalition of business groups “committed to educating Michigan families about unprecedented attempts to radically overhaul the state’s constitution.” This isn’t the first time the group has interfered with ballot proposals. In 2008, they blocked a constitutional amendment to change the size and scope of the Legislature and the judiciary. In hindsight, we now see the chaos caused by that move.