Career Preparation Task Force

1.  Continue to review and advance federal and state of Michigan career preparation initiatives and consider their implications for MEA members and the public education system.

2.  In collaboration with the MEA IPD Commission, Long-Range Bargaining Committee and MEA representatives on State Board of Education advisory groups, make recommendations to the MEA Board of Directors regarding any changes in existing MEA policy positions.

3.  Promote the sharing of resources and program models for members to utilize that will help integrate career preparation and development of employability skills into the curriculum K-12 for ALL students.

4.  Identify professional development opportunities that will assist members in integrating career preparation into the K-12 curriculum.
2013-14 Charge:
To help ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.

To help develop local capacity by the identification and development of strategies that will enhance the local's ability to work more effectively with their members.
Start Date
2008 Jim Brousseau (2014-BD-Reg 3) Chair
2013 Melinda Smith (2016-BD-Reg 2)  
2012 Liz Ratashak (2014-BdM-Reg 5)  
  Vacancy (2016-BD-Reg) (Jenny VanDuinen)  
2010 Deb Irvin (2014-BdM-Reg 9)  
2007 Erin Brown-Castillo (2016-BD-Reg 9) Vice Chair
2010 Troy VanderLaan (2016-BD-Reg 9)  
2009 Joseph Ratti (2015-BD-Reg 4)  
2012 Ann Harris (2014-BdM-Reg 4)  
2010 Tammy Moored (2016-BD-Reg 15)  
Start Date Liaisons  
2009 Dean Parling (2016-MEA-Retired)  
2010 Curlada Eure-Harris (2014-MAHE- Reg 8)  
  Vacancy (2014-SMEA)  
Start Date Staff Liaisons  
  Bill Kuiper