Education budgets go to governor’s desk for approval

The House and Senate this week passed education funding bills that provide slight increases for K-12 schools, community colleges and universities — but still fall short of providing proper funding for public education.

Saginaw Township school employees lend aid to Buena Vista teachers

Saginaw Township Education Association President Peter Tyson presents Buena Vista Education Association President Joe Ann Nash with gift cards donated to Buena Vista teachers.

Saginaw Township school employees raised about $1,200 to help teachers in the Buena Vista School District, who haven’t been paid since May 10.

Budget surplus should go toward restoring education cuts

Leaders from across Michigan are calling on Gov. Rick Snyder and state legislators to invest a newfound budget surplus into public schools, to help make up for  the massive cuts previously made to K-12 education.

Buena Vista slated to reopen by week’s end

Passage of a last-minute deficit elimination plan and coordination with the state should allow the Buena Vista School District to reopen as early as Friday, nearly two weeks after the school board shuttered the district’s doors.

Officials widely condemned for allowing Buena Vista School District to shut down

The Buena Vista School District closed its doors this week after running out of money due to gross financial mismanagement by local and state officials.

Local and state officials are facing widespread condemnation for allowing the Buena Vista school district to shut down during the school year after it ran out of money due to gross financial mismanagement.


Major virtual schools report uncovers underperforming schools, recommends halt of their expansion

In the past decade, virtual education has moved quickly to the top of the K-12 public education reform agenda, with proponents arguing that technology revolutionizes teaching and learning at a reduced cost — despite a lack of substantive research to back up those claims.

The lack of research on virtual teaching and learning led the National Education Policy Center, with funding from the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice, to compile the first in a series of objective analyses regarding virtual schools.

Pink slips for experienced teachers in Benton Harbor

Every teacher at Benton Harbor High School will be subject to layoff this summer, and with recent changes in state law, their reinstatement will be based on flawed “performance” measures instead of experience.

State House removes RTW penalties from education budgets

Michigan House Republican leaders Tuesday stripped away penalties they earlier inserted into K-12, higher education and community college appropriations bills that would have punished these institutions for legally negotiating “fair share” agreements with their employees.

Retired MEA members urge continued commitment

MEA-Retired's new officers. From left to right: Secretary-Treasurer Dan Rudd, Vice President Dave Schoop and President Judy Foster

While the job might be over, the work goes on.

That’s the takeaway from the hundreds of retired teachers and education support professionals who gathered in Lansing on Monday for MEA-Retired’s annual meeting.

MEA retirement lawsuits still pending in court system

Two major cases affecting MEA members’ retirement benefits are slowly making their way through the state’s court system, and it’s not yet known when — or if — members will receive refunds of a “retirement tax” imposed upon them by the state Legislature.