Hearing to be held Thursday in school employee retirement challenge

Legal challenges to a recent law increasing health care and retirement costs for school employees will be heard Thursday morning in front of Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina.

Beware of lying robocalls by Prop 2 opponents

There’s hasn’t been a lie, a dollar or a phone call that the opposition hasn’t used to make sure the voices of working families are silenced on Nov. 6. Within the past week, MEA members have been targeted with robocalls, full of lies and cheap, dirty political tricks meant to confuse you about Proposal 2.

Be responsible; get informed before Nov. 6

With all of the misleading ads, scare tactics and outright lies flooding our TV stations and mailboxes, it's good to know that there are honest and reliable sources of information about the six ballot proposals voters will be deciding in November.

MEA submits input to Governor’s school finance workgroup

EAST LANSING, Mich., Oct. 16, 2012 – Answering the call for input on education funding reform by the Governor’s Oxford Foundation school finance workgroup, MEA has submitted a comprehensive set of research-based recommendations for how to properly fund an effective public education system in Michigan.     

Three new courses added to MEA's online PD

Three new courses added to MEA's Online PD
MEA's Online Professional Development system has just added three new courses to the libraries it currently supports. The courses will continue to be offered for State Continuing Education Clock-Hours (formerly known as SBCEUs), as well as college credit through Central Michigan University.

'Kids not CEOs' goes national

NEA is using MEA's successful "Kids not CEOs" campaign for an online advertisement for tax fairness.

Legislators debate more education ‘reforms’ before election break

We won’t see much action from the Legislature until after the Nov. 6 election, but before they left, they did some work on bills affecting education.

2012 Presidential debate schedule begins Wednesday

The first Presidential debate of Election 2012 is Wed., Oct. 3. The University of Denver will be hosting President Obama and Mitt Romney debating the issue of domestic policy. The moderator is Jim Lehrer, host of PBS “News Hour.”

Schools benefit from little-known government surplus program

Christmas has come early for more than 15 school districts who will be dividing up $500,000 worth of free government surplus technology equipment. The Pentagon’s Defense Reutilization Management Office (DRMO) makes the technology available to schools as federal agencies receive new equipment.

Webinars help with Common Core implementation

To help teachers incorporate the Common Core Standards (CCSS) into their English, Language Arts and math curriculum, MEA’s Professional Development/Human Rights Department will be posting links to a series of webinars. The first webinar will be available at the end of October.