Letters on school safety

Fewer than 14 years after the Columbine tragedy, the events last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., have once again brought school violence into the national discussion. MEA Voice is seeking letters to the editor from MEA members on the topic of school safety.

President Cook: Politicians' 'shameful' actions will not be forgotten

MEA President Steve Cook said in a media statement Wednesday that Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature's "shameful" actions in passing so-called right-to-work legislation "will not be forgotten."

Newspaper editorials: Don't rush drastic education reforms

Over the weekend, two Michigan newspapers editorialized against policymakers rushing drastic education reforms.

Legislature considering school voucher bills during lame duck

In the final weeks of the legislative session, state lawmakers are considering bills that would strip away local communities’ ability to guide education policy, by creating a statewide "takeover district."

CEOs return in new MEA Web video

Today, MEA is launching an online video sequel to the popular 2011 “Kids not CEOs.” The infamous CEOs are back again in this new video—this time going up against middle-school football players in a lopsided gridiron matchup. Take a look at

It's not too late to get involved in Election 2012

Does seeing the latest TV ad attacking Proposal 2 or hearing critics bashing public education and public school employees make you mad? 

Snyder: 'We've ignored vocational education.'

Gov. Snyder will be holding a summit of educators and employers next year to find out where the job demand is in Michigan and what jobs are in demand.

SB 1040 TROs still in place

School employees received another win in the ongoing legal battle over SB 1040. Yesterday, the Michigan Court of Appeals denied the state’s Motion for Stay of the Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) in the cases brought by MEA and AFT-Michigan.  As part of its decision, the Court agreed to hear the appeals and established an expedited briefing schedule for the case.

Collective bargaining in the auto industry featured in new POJ ad

The Protect Our Jobs campaign has released another ad today. "Rescue" is a 30-second spot featuring an auto worker discussing how collective bargaining saved the auto industry.

AG uses 'faulty legal arguments' to stop collective bargaining amendment

Supporters of the collective bargaining ballot proposal fired back today against Attorney General Bill Schuette's attempt to deny voters the chance to decide the issue in November.

In a news release, legal expert Andrew Nickelhoff said, "The Attorney General's opinion, which is not binding, is a political document on behalf of opponents of working families. This is not a substantive legal argument."