MEA membership means better contracts together

With the passage of Michigan’s Public Employment Relations Act in 1965, teachers finally went from begging to bargaining. Thanks to PERA, all public school employees have the right to negotiate for fair wages, quality health care benefits and decent working conditions.

MEA helps members with state and national certification issues

By law, Michigan public school districts can only employ teachers who have a valid teaching certificate for an instructional assignment.

It can be a complicated process, and thankfully, MEA is here to help.

MEA provides members with up-to-date information on state requirements for maintaining a teaching certificate in Michigan, and provides assistance to members when individual questions arise.

MEA members comprise Michigan’s leading education organization

With 150,000 members working together to improve educational outcomes for their students and working conditions for school employees, MEA is far and away Michigan’s largest and leading education organization.

Southeast Michigan educators collaborate on parent summit

The Novi Education Association and other local MEA affiliates are orgazining an education summit to be held Monday, May 13 from 6:15-9 p.m. in the auditorium of Novi Middle School at 49000 W. 11 Mile Road in Novi.

The debate surrounding reforms to the education system has prompted several MEA locals in Southeast Michigan to put together a parent education summit in Novi on Monday, May 13.

May 6-10 marks National Teacher Appreciation Week

Oprah Winfrey credits her for helping the “Queen of Talk” get to where she is today.

A veteran of three space missions, Ed Lu remembers him for teaching the NASA astronaut all about hard work and perseverance.

From heroes in space and in the sports arena, from celebrities to community leaders, from high-achieving entrepreneurs to everyday individuals, everyone has a story about the teachers who helped shape their lives, define their dreams, expand their horizons and launch their futures toward the stars.

Buena Vista teachers vote to continue working through Friday, despite not getting paid on time


Buena Vista teachers met Monday and decided to continue working this week, even though they learned on Friday that the district had run out of money to pay their salaries on time.

Teachers in the Buena Vista School District voted Monday to continue working this week, even though they learned on Friday that the district had run out of money to pay their salaries on time.

MEA conferences and trainings provide members with opportunities to learn, network and engage

MEA coordinates training in professional development, advocacy, member engagement, leadership, bargaining, communications and political action at its two major conferences: the Bargaining and Public Affairs Conference and the Summer Leadership Conference.

MEA President Cook releases new video with important tax information for members

MEA President Steve Cook has released a new video providing tax tips for MEA members, as many Michiganders face higher tax bills due to Gov. Rick Snyder and the GOP Legislature’s tax increases on the middle class.

“As we’re busy completing our tax forms, you may have noticed something different with your state taxes: They’ve gone up as your take home pay has gone down,” Cook said. “That’s because many of the tax deductions you’ve relied on have either been eliminated or severely reduced.”

Online professional development provides MEA members with career advantage

Teachers and education support professionals who are MEA members receive free access to numerous online professional development opportunities that can help advance their careers.

Message from President Steve Cook on impacts of right-to-work -- and how we're fighting back

With the passage of so-called "right-to-work" legislation, many MEA members have been asking what this means for our union and for each of us as individuals.