CEOs return in new MEA Web video

Today, MEA is launching an online video sequel to the popular 2011 “Kids not CEOs.” The infamous CEOs are back again in this new video—this time going up against middle-school football players in a lopsided gridiron matchup. Take a look at

In a news release, MEA President Steve Cook said, “As football season kicks into high gear across Michigan, we want citizens to remember the ‘game’ Republican legislators played last year: cut $1 billion from schools to pay for a $1.8 billion tax cut for corporate special interests.”

To make the point in the first “Kids not CEOs” video, CEOs took classroom resources away from teachers and students—even going so far as stealing a child’s apple.

What hasn’t changed is the message: Republicans in Lansing must be held accountable for cutting our schools and putting our children’s future at risk.