Constitutional amendment would require full disclosure from universities

What looks suspiciously like more retribution for universities, Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills), Chair of the House Oversight, Ethics and Reform Committee, is proposing a constitutional amendment (HJR PP)requiring state public universities to annually report every expenditure they make. Universities would then have to create an online report showing what was bought from whom and professors’ salaries.

Even though some universities do this voluntarily, McMillin wants the requirement preserved in the Constitution.

Larger state universities like the University of Michigan can spend as much as $6.9 billion through more than 50 million transactions, so the posting all of that information could be costly and cumbersome.

A representative from Americans for Prosperity-Michigan--a group backed by the infamous billionaire conservative Koch Brothers--spoke in favor of the bill, but wants the requirement to include cities, townships and schools so "every single citizen has access."