Court of Appeals will make final ruling on immediate effect lawsuit

In the next phase of the continuing House battle over the immediate effect of recent legislation, the Court of Appeals issued a stay on an Ingham Circuit Court decision ordering House Republicans to stop ignoring Democrats’ demands for roll call votes on immediate effect.

This means that immediate effect is restored to PA 45, which prohibits graduate student research assistants from forming unions, and PA 53, which bans school districts from collecting union dues from employees.

The Court of Appeals also ruled that they--not Ingham County Judge Clinton Canady III--will hear the Democrat-initiated lawsuit in an expedited timeline. Briefs are due within 35 days and no extensions will be granted.

MEA is reviewing the decision and its impact. Stay tuned for more information.

As a result of the new ruling, the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) voted to postpone their decision on whether to allow University of Michigan graduate research assistants to hold an election to form a union. Because of Canady's earlier decision, MERC had decided to go ahead with a hearing on the issue.

The issue has gained nationwide attention thanks to television commentator Rachel Maddow, who calls the Republican actions an assault on democracy in Michigan.