Election results show voter discontent

Beyond the close numbers, yesterday’s election results said volumes about member commitment and voter discontent. It may have been a Republican presidential primary, but it didn’t stop voters—angry with what’s going on in Lansing—from making their voices heard at the ballot box.

MEA-recommended candidate Tim Greimel trounced his Republican opponent in the special 29th House District race, 77 percent to 23 percent. Greimel will fill out the term of Rep. Tim Melton.

Steve Losey’s loss in the 51st House District is very disappointing, but it was a hard-fought, close race with Losey pulling in 42 percent of the vote.

Both races were a testament to efforts of MEA members, leaders and staff who knocked on doors, manned phones and volunteered their time.

Voter dissatisfaction was probably most apparent in Michigan’s Republican presidential primary with Mitt Romney’s close win. He won 41 percent of the vote to Rick Santorum’s 38 percent. To the very end, Romney’s win wasn’t a sure thing in his home state because of his message that Detroit automakers should have gone bankrupt and his disconnect with the struggles of Michigan’s middle class.

Yesterday’s elections are just the first steps toward a bigger goal. MEA President Steven Cook said, “We’re going to build on the energy and momentum from yesterday—both the wins and the losses—and carry that forward to November, when Michigan voters have the chance to pass judgment on the Republican agenda and send new leadership to Lansing.”