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End the constant attacks on public school employees by securing adequate, equitable and stable funding for public education.

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Gubernatorial hopeful, Virg BerneroIris Salters: 'We care!'

Every time we lobby those folks in there say, "Oh, that's just you talking. the rest of your members, the rest of the community, the rest of the parents don't care." Well I want to tell them if you are looking out the windows, or listening, we care!


Gubernatorial hopeful, Virg BerneroBernero to crowd: 'Education is economic development'

Addressing the crowd, gubernatorial hopeful Virg Bernero said he’s tired of the flavor-of-the-month in education reform. Citing NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and RTTT (Race to the Top), Bernero said he came to talk about LTT – Let Teachers Teach. 


Senator Gretchen WhitmerSenator Gretchen Whitmer: 'We need to make education our top priority'.

"You can't move the state of Michigan forward and leave our kids behind."



Paul Mayers, Durand Board MemberPaul Mayers: 'I was privatized. I lost my job. But I stood up and did something about it.'

After Paul Mayers' job was privatized, he ran for the Drurand school board and won. He is a proud MEA member fighting for school employees.


Donna Lasinski Ann Arbor PTO chairDonna Lasinski: Parents and employees need to work together to ensure funding for great public education.

Ann Arbor PTO chair, Donna Lasinski shares four points parents are looking for: 1) the State to guarantee school funding levels are set prior to the start of the school fiscal year; 2) support schools at a funding level that provides for quality education based on program cost, not current dollars available; 3) use evidence-based research to provide a stable, sustainable funding model for school funding; 4) prioritize education funding as the top state priority against other funding needs.


Jordyn Norkey, sophomore Tecumseh High SchoolJordyn Norkey: Students are feeling the pressure of budget cuts.

Jordyn Norkey, is a sophomore at Tecumseh High School. 'We must join together to tell politicians that getting a great education in Michigan shouldn’t be a dream, it should be a reality.' Norkey sang I Dreamed a Dream.


Iris Salters - June 24th Education RallyIris Salters: Thank you for showing the dedication and the stamina for being out here today.

"I challenge you to build on the passion and energy you've shown here and help us elect those leaders who will put Michigan's students first..."




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