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June 24, 2010, LansingEnough is Enough!

About 7,000 MEA members, supporters rally at the Capitol

About 7,000 proud union members and their supporters traveled to Lansing June 24 for a massive MEA rally on the Capitol lawn. Their message was clear: Enough is Enough!

The event highlighted the need for adequate, stable, and equitable funding for public education. Rally-goers urged lawmakers to stop attacks on public education and instead invest in Michigan’s future through education.

Speakers included gubernatorial hopeful Virg Bernero, teacher-turned lawmaker Rep. Jennifer Haase, and others. The Enough is Enough campaign doesn’t end with the rally – in the coming weeks, MEA will announce how this effort will continue through the 2010 elections.

Related: Check out photos from the June 24 rally – and check back for more in the coming days as we update with more rally photos.

Watch video from the June 24th Rally

Read vignettes featuring the comments of various participants:

Bernero to crowd: ‘Education is economic development’

Summer birds: Retired teacher, spouse travel from Florida for rally

Bus drivers fighting to save Michigan jobs

 A sign of the times: Laid off educators join rally

Mother-daughter team demand sustainable school budget

What’s next? Elections!


Thank you MEA members, public ed supporters

Capitol rally a big success!

About 7,000 MEA members and public education supporters attended Thursday’s Enough is Enough rally at the Capitol. Thank you to all who participated to tell lawmakers that it’s time for real, balanced, solution to provide adequate, equitable, stable funding for schools.

Check back soon for stories and photos from the event. If you took photos/video or have comments about the rally, post them on our Enough is Enough page on Facebook.

Also, the Enough is Enough campaign doesn’t end with the rally. In the coming weeks, MEA will announce how this effort will continue through the 2010 elections.

See slideshow from the rally.


Think we're out of the woods at the Capitol? Think again...

Come to the June 24 rally to say once and for all -- "Enough is Enough"

Enough is Enough

The retirement bill passed. Politicians say they've found money to stop next year's school budget cuts. Summer is here. We're out of the woods.


Unfortunately, just because the Legislature instituted a 3 percent tax on school employees doesn't mean they're done attacking you. And, just because they say they've found money for next year doesn't mean they're going to spend it on schools and students.

That's why it is critical that MEA members and other public school advocates show up in force June 24 at the "Enough is Enough" rally at the Capitol. Lawmakers (especially those running for re-election) need to see that school employees, parents and other voters are tired of the attacks, gimmicks, quick fixes and shell games. It's time for real, balanced solutions to provide adequate, equitable, stable funding for schools.

Check out MEA's Legislative and Political Action page or the MEA Votes blog for more information on the various attacks, games and gimmicks that lawmakers are still considering for public education.

And then start making plans to join us on June 24 at the state Capitol to deliver a clear message: Enough is Enough!


Thousands attend local MEA rallies statewide

Don't miss out on next Enough is Enough event --Capitol rally June 24

May 25, 2010 - More than 7,000 MEA members and supporters attended more than 40 events across the state Monday as part of the association's Enough is Enough campaign.

The concerted effort -- part of a strategic, association-wide initiative -- aims to stop the attacks on public school employees by securing adequate, equitable, stable funding for public education.

Check out photos and the local media coverage from many of these exciting local events.

And if you didn't make it to an event in your area, plan now so you don't miss the fun and excitement at the state Capitol on June 24. Join more than 10,000 other MEA members and public education supporters in Lansing for a rally on the Capitol lawn where we'll deliver one clear message: Enough is Enough!


List of May 24 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH events statewide

Attend a local rally next Monday to protest attacks, demand funding

If you hadn't had enough of the attacks on school employees before last week's retirement vote, you probably have now!  Make your voice heard -- attend one of more than 40 local rallies taking place across the state on the evening of Monday, May 24. To stop lawmakers from continuing to balance the budget on your back, we must demand adequate, equitable, stable funding for public education. 

In this election year, it's critical that we show our strength in numbers to politicians who will soon hit the campaign trail claiming to be pro-education -- it's time to make them keep their promises. Be part of the thousands of MEA members who will mobilize on Monday to attend local rallies.  And mark your calendar now to attend a massive statewide rally at the Capitol on June 24 -- more details will be coming soon.


Election results: Schools win at the polls

Will Lansing get the message?

Voters statewide sent a strong message at the polls this week, approving taxes to pay for education and public safety, electing union-backed candidates, and unseating scores of school board incumbents. Read more.


Teachers and school employees launch ‘punching bags’ TV ad at Capitol rally

See slideshow of rally at the Capitol

Thousands of postcards to lawmakers delivered by 600+ MEA members in Lansing; 10,000 expected at upcoming Capitol rally on June 24

LANSING, Mich., April 23, 2010 — More than 600 teachers and other school employees rallied outside the state Capitol on Friday to protest cuts to their public schools. At the rally, the Michigan Education Association also announced the launch of a new television advertisement that demands politicians “stop treating teachers and school employees like punching bags.”


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New poll finds huge support for real government reforms – not more gimmicks

April 20, 2010 - When it comes to solving Michigan’s budget problem, voters say they’d rather elect lawmakers who want to audit government contracts and close ineffective tax loopholes than legislators who want to use games and gimmicks to balance the budget on the backs of public school employees, according to a new poll.

Ninety-one percent of voters surveyed said they support auditing $16 billion worth of government contracts and 72 percent support ending ineffective business tax breaks, according to a poll released Monday by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA.  The majority of voters would be more likely to vote for legislators who voted to enact these proposals (77 and 56 percent, respectively).

Outlining what MEA stands FOR and AGAINST in the current legislative battle

As part of MEA’s Enough is Enough campaign, two documents were developed that outline in clear terms what MEA is fighting for and fighting against in Lansing as our state’s political and budget turmoil continues. These two documents are meant to help MEA members understand what is at stake in fighting off the attacks on school employee salaries, retirement, and health benefits – and what solutions MEA believes our lawmakers should adopt instead of their normal budget games and gimmicks.

What MEA is FOR (PDF)


MEA also launches Enough is Enough radio ads

MEA released new radio ads calling on our legislators to stop treating public school employees like “punching bags.” Listen online to the new spots and see what stations are running them in your area.


MEA unveils strategic action plan to help schools

Enough is enough!

That’s the message behind a three-phase collective action plan developed by MEA to counter ongoing attacks on public education.

As school employees across Michigan well know, years of budget crises in Lansing have robbed students of the public education they need and deserve. Elected leaders at the state and local levels have resorted to short-term solutions – budget cuts, wage freezes and reductions, benefit reductions, layoffs, privatization, program cuts, proposals to change retirement benefits – that fail to address the massive structural budget deficit that looms.

“It is time to act,” Salters said. “It’s time to send the message: Enough is enough! It’s time to fight back!”


Watch the Strategic Collective Action Plan webcast

Strategic Collective Action Plan webcastMEA President Iris K. Salters provided an overview of the plan for local leaders and staff. Local plans are under development; ask your association president and MEA UniServ director (or executive director) what activities are scheduled and how you can help.

View the Webcast



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