FAQs - MEA's A+ Agenda

Is this MEA’s entire legislative agenda?
The A+ Agenda represents what MEA will advocate FOR in the Michigan Legislature in 2011. It is not a complete list of everything the association believes in. MEA’s mission is “to ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality” and the A+ Agenda fits with our mission.

What about other ‘reforms’ that attack public education employees?
Some reforms will be worthwhile and truthfully aimed at moving Michigan forward through strategies based on credible research, sound public policy, and the best interests of our state’s economy, communities, and students. Unfortunately, other “reforms” will simply be attacks – on communities, working families, public employees, unions and public education. MEA will fight these attacks with every resource at our disposal. We will enlist your help as needed, so stay tuned.

Why is MEA supporting changes to tenure law?
No one wants or can afford ineffective teachers. MEA’s plan calls for streamlining the process for fair dismissal of ineffective tenured teachers, making it less costly and less time-consuming.

Will Republicans really listen and act on this agenda?
Lawmakers are constantly saying they want bipartisanship and collaboration in solving the state’s problems. MEA is ready and willing to come to the table and help.

What can I do to help?
Talk with your legislators about the A+ Agenda. Urge them to work with MEA to tackle the problems facing Michigan and to adopt real, balanced solutions to our issues.


  • Local UniServ/executive director
  • MEA Public Affairs Department, 800-292-1934
  • www.mea.org/A+