Fellowship recognizes leaders in educational excellence

Have you created a successful Common Core lesson? Has student achievement in your school reached new levels? Are you looking to influence public policy on education?

American Achieves is looking for candidates for its America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers that recognizes successful teachers or principals who have proven outstanding results for students, demonstrated leadership in their school communities, and seek to expand their voice in public policy.

Consider nominating one of your colleagues, administrators or yourself for this honor. Applications must be submitted by May 18.

Nominees must be able to demonstrate their effectiveness through data and be committed to three principles:

  • All children can achieve at high-levels when adults take responsibility to make this happen.
  • Effective educators can improve the education system by engaging in the policy process.
  • Public conversations about education must be evidence-based, include diverse stakeholders, and be conducted with respect for all.

The Fellowship will select 65 candidates for their third class who will be invited to join two national conferences, participate in locally-based projects, share their expertise with policymakers and the public, and receive opportunities to share their work in public forums.

America Achieves is a non-profit organization established in 2011. It is devoted to making America a global leader in educational excellence and equity and to preparing every student for citizenship, college and careers. The group distills lessons learned from the evidence base and supports promising state and local efforts that drive large-scale improvements in education and outcomes for young people.