Fundamental Tasks of Being a Treasurer


___ Open/maintain a bank account for the local.   

___ Designate two authorized signers (Treasurer and President) for checks and other transactions.

___ Use prenumbered checks which can be obtained from your bank.

___ Be sure requests for money (disbursements) are supported by an invoice or voucher form (or require two signatures on all checks).

___ Do not sign a check issued to yourself.  Have the other authorized signer sign the check.

___ Upon receiving a check, immediately endorse it “for deposit only”  AND deposit it in the bank as quickly as possible.

___ Have bank statements mailed to someone other than the Treasurer (possibly the President).  This allows for a check that the Treasurers' financial information corresponds with the bank's.

___ Reconcile bank statement monthly.

___ Issue financial statements on a consistent basis on a schedule that works for you and your local (i.e. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).

___ Ask the Membership Chair to reconcile local membership list with MEA bill.

___ Call 866-468-0001 for help with any Treasurer issues.