Help close the supply gap for Benton Harbor students

You have until Nov. 16 to help out Benton Harbor students with needed supplies. Legislative cuts to education have left them without basic classroom supplies. Since lawmakers won't help--MEA members are stepping up to close the supply gap.

You can help by outright purchasing supplies; making a financial contribution; donating any extra supplies or materials left over from your classroom projects; or using your office supply or big box store customer rewards to get needed supplies and materials.

Send or deliver your supplies and financial contributions to MEA, 1216 Kendale Blvd., PO Box 2573, East Lansing, 48826-2573 to the attention of Rick Trainor/BH supplies.

The truck loaded with supplies will be making a stop at the BFCL Advocacy Boot Camp training at the Kalamazoo Radisson on the morning of Nov. 17 on its way to Benton Harbor. Training attendees are being encouraged to bring their supplies there.

Benton Harbor is already under the threat of an emergency manager takeover and facing devastating budget cuts. Your generosity and support can make this a memorable American Education Week for Benton Harbor!