Higher Education

What should policymakers ask us? Members share their ideas in new video

In the latest  online video in MEA’s statewide ad campaign, “Ask Me,” you’ll hear members in their own words say what they want policymakers to know about education in Michigan. Watch the video here.

You can hear their frustration as those policymakers continue to make decisions that impact students and educators without having set foot in a classroom lately.

Their new MEA membership gives them a voice and security knowing that they’re not alone

Bronwyn Jones has been teaching English at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) for 27 years. She remembers, “As faculty, we are embedded in the school and we are the closest people to the students. We wanted a seat at the table so that we could contribute our collective wisdom to the success of the education institution that we care so much about.”

But the administration wasn’t eager to have them involved.

OCCFA members fight for online classes

The Oakland Community College Faculty Association (OCCFA) spent most of their summer locked in contract negotiations with the College. But their bargaining took on a new focus when the ability of students and the community to use the College to complete their education was in jeopardy. And so the faculty diversified their efforts to champion this new cause. 

You can stop the Mackinac Center harassment!

For weeks, the Mackinac Center has been gearing up its campaign to convince members to drop their MEA membership. Last year, they used full-page newspaper ads and mailings in their strategy. But this year—they’ve gone too far. The Mackinac Center is hijacking public school employees’ emails and spamming their mobile phones with messages encouraging members to opt out of MEA.

Because they say they’re delivering a “commercial message” via phones and computers, you have a way to stop their harassment and the invasion of your privacy!