Call NOW to protect your rights -- before it's too late!

Governor Snyder and Republican legislative leadership said in a press conference this morning that they intend to push so-called "right-to-work" legislation TODAY.

All MEA members need to call their state representative, state senator and Governor Snyder immediately.

Urge them to stop this assault on workers and their families. Tell them that this law will do nothing to create jobs and put Michigan back to work -- it will only create the divisive political climate that we saw in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Particular bills are still being developed, but the intent is clearly to move swiftly with this attack. The Legislature just announced they plan to stay in Lansing all weekend to work on this divisive agenda -- avoiding returning home to face their constituents.

Whether they call it "right-to-work" or "freedom-to-work", this law simply isn’t about working, creating jobs or helping the economy. The only thing it does is allow for individuals to choose not to pay their fair share in the cost of negotiating the contract they benefit from. It divides workers and allows corporate special interests to take more money out of the pockets of every worker -- union or non-union -- hurting the economic future of our families and our state.

Tell your state representative, state senator and Governor Snyder to stop putting the priorities of their corporate special interests ahead of our middle class. Tell them to stop this attack on your rights before they tear Michigan apart.