House committee to take up SB 1040 on Monday--Come to the Capitol!

After passing through the Senate, SB 1040 is on a fast track through the House.

The House Appropriations Committee is expected to take up this bill attacking school employee retirement on Monday, May 21 at a 9 a.m. “emergency” meeting. Holding the hearing on a Monday is a clear sign that Republican leaders are trying to force this bill through before even their own members have a chance to ask questions or offer amendments. We need your help to slow it down.

MEA members--especially retirees, since it is a work day--are needed to attend Monday’s hearing and speak up in defense of your retirement security!

While SB 1040 has a devastating impact on current and future school employees, retirees on a fixed income are being financially slammed again. They’re now paying a tax on their pensions and if SB 1040 becomes law, they will be paying twice as much for their health care. Retirees worked hard and planned for a secure retirement, but legislators are breaking their promise to retirees with these costs shifts.

Make plans to be at the Capitol on Monday. Your presence will have an impact. MEA will hold a briefing at MEA Headquarters (1350 Kendale Blvd., East Lansing) at 8 a.m. for retirees and members who plan to attend the 9 a.m. hearing downtown.

If you can’t be there on Monday, continue contacting your state representative. Let him or her know that shifting costs onto school employees and retirees does nothing to fix the problems in the retirement system. SB 1040 will hurt students, parents and public education in general. Use these talking points and urge them to vote NO!