Indiana likely to become a right-to-work state


Valiant efforts by Indiana House Democrats couldn’t stop their Republican majority from getting their way with anti-union, economy-killing, right-to-work legislation. 
With the House’s 54-44 vote and expected Senate passage, Indiana will become the 23rd right-to-work state. More importantly, it becomes the first Midwest state to no longer require workers to pay mandatory union fees for representation.
Teamster President James Hoffa predicted a backlash against the Republican’s agenda, “If there’s one thing that we have seen this past year, it’s that working men and women will rise up to challenge any legislation that threatens the welfare of their families.”
Michigan legislators hungry to introduce right-to-work here have been carefully watching Indiana. Despite Gov. Snyder’s insistence that the issue is not on his agenda, it’s expected that a similar bill will be introduced in Michigan. 
Since Indiana Gov. Daniels spearheaded the effort to get the legislation passed, he’s expected to sign it before the Feb. 5 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.