IPD Conference Advisory Committee

In collaboration with the PD/HR staff, assist in the development and monitoring of the IPD Regional/Zone/online professional development activities.
2013-14 Charge:
To help ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.
To help develop local capacity by the identification and development of training modules geared toward leadership development for locals.
Start Date
2009 Olivia Williams (2016-BdM-Reg 11) Vice Chair
2012 Cynthia Schneider (2015-BdM-Reg 8)  
2009 Felicia Wilson -Agnew (2016-BD-Reg 13)  
2011 Dawn Pierz (2014-BdM-Reg 2)  
2011 Gwen Myers (2014-BD-Reg 3)  
2009 Sharon Mason (2014-BdM-Reg 8)  
2009 Terance Johnson (2015-BD-Reg 14) Chair
2004 Connie Boylan (2016-BdM-Reg 15)  
2011 Dawn Levey (2014-BdM-Reg 8)  
Start Date Appointments by Function  
2011 Terri McDermott (2016-IPD Comm Chair-Reg 15)  
2010 Jim Brousseau (2016-Career Prep Chair Reg 3)  
2012 Christine Kriss (2016-Local Affiliates Chair-Reg 6)  
2010 Sigrid Grace (2016-IUC Chair-Reg 10)  
Start Date Liaisons  
2011 Nancy Strachan (2014-MEA Vice Pres-Reg 2)  
2012 Vi Collin (2016-MCC Chair, Reg 12)  
2013 David Schopp (2016-MEA Retired)  
2010 Ann Marie Borders (2016-ELL/Migrant Ed Chair-Reg 3)  
2013 Marcia Mackey (2016-HRC Chair-Reg 12)  
  Vacancy (2014-SMEA)  
Staff Liaison