Judge issues injunction, but still weighing merits of Scott's case

Until Ingham Circuit Court Judge Clinton Canady can decide on the merits of Rep. Paul Scott’s challenge to his recall, Canady issued a preliminary injunction order today.

Scott’s challenge to the recall is based on a 1993 statute that says petitions are valid for circulation after the last clarity hearing. According to his claim, any petitions circulated before the Genesee Circuit Court rejected his clarity appeal are invalid. However, this runs counter to how recall elections have been run in Michigan for decades – and undermines the voting rights of thousands of citizens in Genesee County, who followed the rules and requested this recall to go to the ballot.

This is a “temporary” halt since Canady has not made a final decision, but it is certainly a disappointing development with just 27 days to go before the election – both for supporters of the Scott recall and for people who believe in our judicial and democratic process.  MEA will carefully monitor further legal proceedings in this case – and we hope anyone who believes in people’s right to vote would do the same.

Recall activities continue, so please contact the Citizens Against Overreach Committee (CAGO) at 517-449-0402 or stop by their headquarters at 6153 Dort Highway in Grand Blanc to volunteer your time.