Kids are the Key

They stay late to finish lesson plans or help students with tough algebra problems. They go an extra mile to keep classrooms, school buses and lunchrooms safe.

They use their own money to buy supplies for their students. They give back time and time again to the local community.

Every day, teachers and school staff work hard to ensure our students get the resources and support they need to succeed, going above and beyond their job description for their students.

Hear some of their first-hand stories hear and how these teachers and school employees are making kids the key to a stronger future for Michigan. 


Robyn Buysse & Therese Lake, Lockwood Elementary


Rosemary Johnson, Redford Union High School


Christine Dewey, Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center


Barb Andres, Lincoln High School


Tracey Hoffman, Ovid-Elsie High School


Robyn Turnow, Pierce Elementary 


Jen Jones, Student Learning Center-West


Cory Sheridan, Ardmore Elementary


Amy Denys, Greenfield Elementary