Legislative activity

  • Late today, the House approved HB 4572, calling for a hard cap on the amount of insurance a public employer could pay for its employees. The vote was 58-51. There were several amendments made on the floor – as we learn more about the details, we will share them with you.  The bill now moves to the Senate – contact your state senator and urge them to vote against this bill when it comes before them next week. 
  • Yesterday, the Senate Education Committee reported out HB 4625-4628 with substantial changes. The Senate version still drastically overhauls the teacher tenure system to attack the due process rights of teachers and gut collective bargaining. The bills are ready for a full vote by the Senate. MEA still opposes both versions and instead supports SB 503 as an alternative.
  • The Senate passed SB 400 and SB 446 require school districts to get health care bids from four separate groups as they price out coverage. This prevents districts from getting pricing on four different packages from the same provider—like MESSA. The bills give school districts the opportunity to name themselves policyholder and have access to claims data. 
    The House has moved similar legislation with HB 4752 that gives s public employers more complete access to health care claims and experience data. The bill is ready for final passage on the House floor.
  • Senate Republicans voted today to change the configuration of Senate districts in Wayne County to be more agreeable to Detroit citizens. The changes to SB 498 reflect the way Senate Democrat’s had drawn the map for Wayne County.
  • The Senate passed HB 4087--with immediate effect—the legislation that eliminates retiree health insurance for legislators whose first term of service began after Jan. 1, 2007. The vote was 107 to 3.