Let the voters decide!

Gov. Snyder and Attorney Bill Schuette launched a formal attack on voter rights yesterday when they filed court papers to block the constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining and the middle class from the November ballot. The two claim that the amendment changes too many laws to be listed in the 100-word statement of purpose for the ballot and should therefore be denied a place on the ballot.

At the request of the Governor, Schuette issued an opinion stating that “the Governor and lawmakers have enacted reforms that have led to economic growth and budget stability.” The concern is that the ballot proposal could undo all of that.

Andrew Nickelhoff, attorney for the Protect Our Jobs campaign, discounted Schuette’s opinion since it’s based on faulty legal reasoning and the proposal has already met all legal requirements.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeals also received legal briefs from challengers to the ballot proposal. Today they will hear from the Protect Our Jobs campaign. On Wednesday, the Court will hold a hearing on the proposal with oral arguments from both sides.

The Court is deciding the case after the Board of Canvassers deadlocked on a decision and the campaign filed suit to get the issue on the ballot. They also filed an “emergency bypass” suit with the Michigan Supreme Court to make sure it makes a September deadline to be on the ballot – that request was denied Tuesday afternoon.

Nearly 700,000 voters signed the petition to put the constitutional amendment on the ballot. But, it appears there at least two politicians in Snyder and Schuette who believe politics should trump the right of voters to express their opinion at the ballot box. What are they afraid of? Let the voters decide if those in power truly represent their wishes.